The Flat Design vs Realism Battle Ends

We cannot really speak about designing an element without touching the concept of flat design. In the past few years, many artists have started to use this style as their main design choice.

It was primarily made popular by Windows and Apple in 2013. With Windows 8’s metro UI and Apple’s IOS 7 design styles reaching billions of end users, it’s no wonder 2013 became the year flat design flourished.

But with all of that being said, artists have started to argue on which style is better — flat design or realism? Some say that stripping out many design elements such as drop shadows and gradients have deprecated the value of a design. Other’s say that we’re moving towards a minimalist era and these designs convert to better user experience.

Either way, this battle has been put to a stop by an Argentinian interactive media creation team called inTacto. How did they do this?

Well, they created a super rad interactive site that explored the battle of Flat Designs vs Realism.

flat vs realism intacto

First Greeting Screen With Some Rad Music!

Visitors are first greeted with this epic background track. As users scroll, a story about a King begins — the king of realism design and how he has reigned over the digital design world for a long time.

king of skeunomorphism

The King of Realism

Then a contender comes in, supposedly a rationalist named “Flat” — a visionary that wants to change the design world with flat designs.

flat design

“Flat” the Epic Contender

This is where it gets even more interesting. A battle stirs up and users get to pick which character they would fight as — Flat or Realism? Using very few keyboard buttons, users can interactively fight as the character to defeat the opponent! Almost like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat! How rad is that?

flat character fighting with realism character

The Epic Battle of “Flat” and “Realism”

At the end, users are greeted with a surprise regardless who wins. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to know what it is!

I personally think that the creators of this website have done an amazing job, both in terms of design, and telling a damn good and meaningful story.

The fact that the site has able to put together two very different styles together cohesively just proves their end point. It really doesn’t matter that much!

The creators have set up a behind the scenes post on Creative Bloq explaining how they brought this project to life. They have also won many design awards including the CSS Design Awards, The FWA and The Webby Awards.

And guess what, it’s not the design that matters the most, but the story that lies behind it. That’s what makes this website so secretly rad. Because of that, I’ve decided to give it an 8/10 rad score!

design with a story

Awesome Stories Matter :)